Lawn fertilization is the process of using materials or mixtures to improve one or more of the necessary plant nutrients in your grass.

What is it?

Fertilizers are essential to the health and vitality of your grass. The three primary macronutrients needed for lawns are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

All lawn fertilizer products will have a guaranteed analysis which lists the percentage of each macronutrient by weight in the fertilizer. This information is important to know when choosing a fertilizer because it will show you what the fertilizer's main purpose is. For example, a fertilizer with a high nitrogen content is best suited for promoting growth, while a fertilizer with a high potassium content is best suited for improving stress tolerance and disease resistance.

Our fertilizer selection criteria:

The choice of which fertilizer to use on your lawn is an important decision that can have lasting effects.

There are two types: organic and synthetic, with each having their own set benefits depending upon the needs of your grasses as well climate conditions.

Slow-Release Fertilizers

Using a slow-release fertilizer is the best way to make sure that your lawn grows steadily and evenly. You won't have any need for regular fertilizing because this type of product provides nutrients over time so they're fully absorbed by plants in small doses throughout their growth cycle instead just at specific intervals like other quick release formulas do which saves you money!

Fast-Release Fertilizers

Fast-release fertilizers are the best choice for people with lawns that need quick attention. They can be applied easily and will help your grass green up quickly, even if you don't have much time! However there is a risk of burning so we make sure to follow instructions carefully when using them in order not too damage plants or soil moisture levels

Lawn-Starter Fertilizer

This fertilizer is a great way to make sure your new grass seed has all the nutrients it needs. It contains high levels of phosphate, which will help strengthen and protect roots as they grow into stronger soil over time!

Weed and Feed Fertilizer

This fertilizer can do wonders for your lawn. It provides both nutrition and weed control in one package, so you have no worries about having too much or not enough chemicals when it comes time to use them! As the name suggests, this dual-purpose blend of substances serves as both a effective means against pesky weeds while also providing proper soil moisture retention.

Winterizer Fertilizer

The fertilizer is applied in preparation for winter, when grass needs more nutrients. It's usually used after fall season but can be started as early as September as we have cool-season lawns that need encouragement to grow strong during their off hours from sunlight - these include most types of bluegrasses or fescues.

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Eco Friendly

We take special care to address all potential environmental impacts such as chemicals, drainage, and more.

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We are a company dedicated in keeping your best interests and needs at the forefront of our work.

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Easy to maintain

After our work is complete, we offer a guide on simple-to-follow best practices in maintaining your lawn.

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We strive to have the lowest prices in town or at least provide the best value to our clients.

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Professional work is more than just professional equipment as we base our efforts on years of experience.

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